Targeting Passive Job Seekers With Your Job Posts

Passive job seekers, or those who aren’t actively looking but may be open to a new job opportunity, can be excellent candidates for your open position. You know they are currently employed and presumably successful, and they can fill a gap that may not be easily filled by active job seekers. Yet many companies are unaware of how best to find and attract these candidates. Here are a few tips.

Build Your Employment Brand

Because passive job seekers are already employed, they’re not just looking for any opportunity that comes along. You’ll need to show them your brand aligns with their own values and career goals. Take some time to identify what your current employees like best, from a collaborative atmosphere to a strong culture of community involvement. Then, roll the best-identified elements into a cohesive brand image.

Once you have an employment brand, you need to build its legitimacy and get the word out about it. Depending on the nature of your company or brand, you might consider sponsoring community events, applying for HR awards, advertising brand initiatives or bringing in a social media expert.

Anticipate Staffing Needs

It may take longer to find and recruit passive job seekers, so it’s important to get ahead of the curve. Assess the skills gaps in your current workforce to identify areas that may need coverage soon. Analyze your typical employee turnover; then factor in growth plans and anticipated retirements to determine how many positions may open in which departments over the next 6 to 12 months. Start building a list of projected positions and profiles of the ideal candidate to fill each position.

Find Sources

Before you can target passive job seekers, you must figure out how to access them. The possibilities are endless, from social media to networking events to employee referral programs. Working with a staffing firm can be extremely helpful, as these companies are dedicated to finding and recruiting the talent you need.


Once you have identified and found your ideal passive job seekers, it’s extremely important to engage with them. Starting a blog (and pushing content to your social media pages) is an excellent way to do this. Post about topics that potential employees care about—useful content rather than corporate information. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Posting videos that reflect your company culture, running TV, or radio ad the sky is truly the limit. Once you have some followers, consider sending out email blasts now and then.

Make It Easy

When you’re ready to hire, offer your passive job seekers a simple, streamlined application process that’s optimized for smartphones. Avoid asking interview questions like, “Why are you right for this company?” Those questions may throw passive recruits off since the assumption is if you recruited them, they’re right for your company.

Luring passive job seekers isn’t easy, but the payoff can be tremendous. Working with a staffing firm takes the pressure off you, allowing you to focus on engaging with potential recruits.

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