Your Guide to Finding Better-Paying Jobs

Everyone wants to earn more money, but the typical annual raise barely keeps up with inflation. If you’re ready to boost your paycheck fast, getting a better-paying job is the way to go. External hires typically make about 20% more than those who are internally promoted to the same position. Of course, finding a better-paying job isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips.

Become an Expert

Employers love to hire experts in their industry, so how can you become one? It turns out the answer lies in building your personal brand and gaining exposure. Look for speaking engagements, podcasts, and consultant opportunities. Post relevant content on social media. Start a blog or a YouTube channel related to your field. The more you put yourself out there, the more credibility you will establish, and the more exposure you will get.


Boost your resume by gaining new skills in areas that are closely linked, but not fully overlapped, with your current field. Taking classes and creating opportunities for cross-training at your current company can help you stand out from the pack.

Don’t forget to establish yourself as a leader. If you’re happy in your current field, a great way to make a quick salary jump is to get hired as a supervisor. However few companies will give a supervisory role to an external candidate who’s never held a leadership position. Look for ways to show off your leadership abilities, from mentoring new hires at your current company to leading a team of volunteers during your off time.

Know Where You’re Applying

To land the big bucks, you need to apply to companies that have the budget to pay well. Read reviews from current and past employees. Research quarterly earnings reports. Learn who the major players are in your industry. There are many reasons to take a job at a startup or a small mom and pop. But, if what you’re after is a bigger salary, you’ll need to go after the big boys.

Work With a Recruiter

Looking for high-paying jobs can be a real challenge. Many companies don’t list salary ranges in their job postings. Digging into each company individually takes time. When you find a listing for a position that pays what you want, you’re likely to be one of the dozens or even hundreds of applicants for it.

Working with a recruiter removes the guesswork and cuts through the red tape. Staffing firms are in the job-hunting world full time. They understand your industry and where you fit as a candidate. They can get you in the door, make the key introductions and help you package yourself as the right person for the job.

Looking for a Better Salary?

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