Yes! Accept That LinkedIn Request

LinkedIn is sometimes described as social media for job seekers. Unlike social media, though, it provides a robust platform for you to showcase your career successes and future interests. LinkedIn can be an extremely valuable tool, but only if you leverage it correctly. Part of this is accepting contact requests, even from people you don’t know who are outside your current industry. Here are a few reasons to always accept LinkedIn requests. 



The more LinkedIn contacts you have, the better your chances that one of them works for the company of your dreams. Referrals have become a crucial part of job hunting, vastly increasing the likelihood of landing an interview and eventually a position. So, it only makes sense to collect as many potential referrals as possible. 



In many industries, employers prefer to hire influential team members who can expand brand awareness. Having a lot of LinkedIn contacts can raise your perceived influence dramatically. Even in industries that don’t rely on team members’ influence, though, a full LinkedIn presence with a lot of contacts can make you seem more experienced and professional. If all else is equal, the candidate with a better LinkedIn profile may just get the job. 



LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunting. You never know when you will need the expertise of someone in your field, or even in a completely different industry. LinkedIn contacts can serve as a sort of modern Rolodex, making it easier to find the expert sources you need whenever you need them. 

LinkedIn is a prominent place, and it can be tough to find a way to stand out. Building your network of contacts is an easy way to start boosting your profile and creating a more solid presence. 


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