Benefits of Keeping in Contact With Former Employees

In most workplaces, a valued employee who moves on is mourned for a few days or even weeks. But by the time his replacement is fully trained, that employee is largely forgotten. Directing most of your energy towards your current team members is indeed a smart business decision, but it can also pay to keep in touch with trusted employees who no longer work for you. Here’s why. 


High-Quality Referrals 

People tend to surround themselves with people who are similar to them. If you liked your former employee’s drive, creative thinking, or adaptability, the odds are good that you would also like those qualities in her friends. Staying actively in touch with former employees raises the likelihood of a future employee referral. 

Building Your Brand 

Increasingly, people want to both work and shop at companies that reflect their values. Staying in touch lets your former employees know you care about them, not just what they did for you. They will notice, and they will likely speak positively about you. Over time, this can help you build brand loyalty among potential customers as well as future employees. 


Your employees have an entirely different perspective on day to day operations than you do. Yet your current workers may be reluctant to speak up due to the power differential between you. Since you no longer sign their paychecks, your former employees can be a powerful source of advice when you’re having trouble with a project or at the worksite. 

Staying Connected 

The world moves rapidly, and modern businesses must be lean and agile to succeed. But it can feel lonely and impersonal to be at the center of a rapidly changing company. You can combat some of these feelings, and build a sense of continuity by staying in touch with those who remember “the good old days” (whether they were objectively good days or not). 

Of course, employee turnover is normal, and businesses go on. Choosing not to stay in touch with your former employees probably won’t sink your company. But with so many benefits and no real downside, it’s worth the effort to reach out. 


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