How Long After an Interview Should You Follow Up With an Employer?

So you had an interview that seemed promising. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part: waiting to hear back from the company. Some hiring managers provide a solid date by which you’ll hear something, but many leave it open-ended. Can you follow up? Should you? If so, when? Here’s what you should know about following up after an interview.

Within 24 Hours

It’s always appropriate, and generally a good idea, to send a thank you note by email. Send this one no more than a day after the interview. Keep it short and sweet, highlighting any specific details that stood out to you. Also, take the opportunity to recap your experience in no more than one paragraph, again noting how it fits the position.

Two Weeks Later

If you haven’t heard anything, you can send a polite check-in email at the two-week mark. This should be just one paragraph reiterating your interest in the position and offering to provide any additional materials that may be required. Be sure to include your full name and phone number, as well as the name of the position for which you interviewed.

Staying in Touch

If a month has passed since your interview and a check-in email has not gotten results, it’s likely you didn’t get the position (though anything is still possible). At this point, it’s fine to send an email to the hiring manager asking to stay in touch. It should be just two paragraphs. In the first, mention something about that person that you found inspiring, and in the second, suggest a time frame for a phone call or short meeting.

Note that a staying in touch email is not likely to land you the job you wanted. However, it can keep you on the hiring manager’s radar, opening up the possibility of your being considered for a different role in the company – or even a referral – sometime in the future.

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