I Got Fired and I Don’t Know Why

Getting fired can feel like a catastrophe, but it doesn’t have to be. And it may not even be your fault. Maybe you did something wrong, or maybe you simply set reasonable boundaries or raised issues that management didn’t want to address. Regardless of the reason, though, firing is something that could happen to anyone at some point in their career, so it only makes sense to have a game plan. Here’s what to do as soon as you get your pink slip.

Ask Questions

It’s only reasonable to ask why you are being let go. It can be painful, especially if your former boss isn’t the most tactful, but learning what happened is the first step in what is likely to be a major personal and professional growth cycle. And maybe you’ll find out that it really wasn’t your fault. Either way, you need answers.

You can also ask whether you might be able to transfer to another position or get a letter of recommendation (both are more likely if the firing was due to corporate changes rather than your actions). Also, find out your final date of departure and what you need to do to prepare to leave the company.


Whether you were fired for cause or not, it never hurts to negotiate for severance pay, extended health benefits, and so forth. Be sure to get everything in writing, as it can be impossible to prove a verbal agreement.

Look Into Unemployment

The laws on unemployment benefits vary from state to state. In many states, you may be ineligible for unemployment if you were fired for a specific action such as lying or stealing, but more general reasons such as lack of skills may not hurt your eligibility. Unemployment law is complicated, so be sure to work with a local unemployment counselor or attorney to ensure you get any benefits to which you are entitled.

Update Your Resume

Overhauling your resume can both make you more competitive in the job market and help you start to move on. You never know when the next opportunity will drop into your lap, so it’s important to be ready.


You might feel embarrassed about being fired, but push through your emotions and start reaching out to your network. You don’t need to broadcast your firing, but you should think about how you will present your story. Try to reframe the experience into a learning opportunity, and consider using language such as “It wasn’t the right fit” when talking about your previous employer.

Consider a Staffing Agency

Getting a new job after being fired can be a bit complex. But staffing agencies deal with complex employment situations every day. You can also get help and advice with everything from tweaking your resume to nailing your job interview. Best of all? These services are free for job seekers.

Ready for a New Role?

If you’re ready to move on, OneSource Staffing is here for you. To learn how we can assist you with finding your next position in Middletown, NY, visit our job board today.

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