Do You Feel Less Productive in the Summer?

You may have noticed that as temperatures rise, your ability to complete tasks in a timely manner falls. You may feel unmotivated, distracted, or physically tired.

There are several reasons that summer tends to make us less productive. Find out why summer has this effect on us and how it can manifest in the workplace.

Heat Makes Us Tired

It’s not just your imagination—the heat is making you slower. By making your body expend energy to cool itself down, heat commonly induces feelings of lethargy.

You may notice that you take longer to complete work assignments during the summer as a result, even if you begin them at the same time as usual.

You’re Dreaming About a Vacation

Like many people, you may be planning to take time off work this summer for a vacation.

You may find yourself thinking about the vacation during work hours and counting down the days until it begins. This can throw off your productivity days before you even start your vacation.

…Or Just Getting Back from One

On a similar note, it can take some time to reset when you return to the office after a vacation.

Getting caught up with work can take days or even weeks, depending on how long you were gone. If you traveled to another time zone for your vacation, you may also have to deal with the exhaustion of jet lag upon return.

When Seasons Change, So Do Routines

The long days of summer may affect your commitments outside of work, such as causing an uptick in evening activities.

Whether you’re playing in a summer sports league or just grilling out a lot more, your summer schedule may involve later nights and more plans than usual.

These changes in personal routines can cause your work routine to shift as well. If you’re staying up later at night, it may be more of a struggle to start your workday the following morning.

A Summer State of Mind

As the season of vacations, outdoor activities, and blockbuster movies, summertime is all about fun and relaxation.

Whether you realize it or not, you may be bringing that same relaxed attitude with you to work in the warmer months.

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