Find a Job That Checks ALL Your Boxes

Searching for a job isn’t just about finding a place that will take you, but also about ensuring that the position is a good match for what you want.

Having a hard time finding the one perfect job that checks all your boxes? These tips will help you navigate the different opportunities and find the job that is best for you.

Visit Industry-Specific Job Boards

When looking for a job, don’t underestimate the value of websites that focus on a particular niche. These days, you can find an online job board for just about any type of position, including a growing number of sources for finding remote and freelance work.

While popular sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster have a higher volume of job ads in total, visiting a smaller and more specific job website can make your search easier. These websites may also attract postings that don’t make their way to larger platforms.

Read the Entire Post Before Applying

If you’re applying to multiple jobs in a short period of time, you may have gotten into the habit of sending in an application for a position without fully reading the job description.

The problem with this approach is that you spend a lot of time engaged in correspondence about jobs that don’t fit your needs.

Instead of sending a resume to any position that looks somewhat relevant to your skills and interests, read the job posting from top to bottom. Make sure the requirements, benefits, and salary all meet your expectations before submitting an application.

Check the Company’s Website and Social Media

If you’re unsure whether a particular job would check your boxes, you can gain some insight by seeing how the company presents itself online.

Look over the company’s website and social media accounts, with extra attention to its mission statement and core values. Checking out content that spotlights employees can give you an idea of how the business treats its workers.

While these impressions aren’t 100% accurate, they can provide you a sense of what to expect before entering the hiring phase.

Lay Out Your Priorities in Your Cover Letter

Cover letters aren’t just a way to explain why you’re the right choice for a job. They additionally give you the chance to explain what kind of position you’re seeking and talk about your career goals.

By including this information in the cover letter, you can help the hiring team determine whether and how you’d fit best into the company.

Go Through a Staffing Agency

Working with a staffing agency can speed up the process of finding a new role. Staffing companies have the resources to connect you with a job that meets your criteria and provide guidance throughout the hiring process.

If you’re looking for a new position, OneSource Staffing is here to help. To find out how we can assist you with finding your next job in Port Jervis, NY, visit our job board today.

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