Stop Wishing Your Weekdays Away With These Mindful Tips

Do you find yourself spending your weekdays waiting for 5 o’clock to roll around? Once you’ve let that time slip through your fingers, there’s no getting it back. Follow these tips to stay mindful and on task during the workday.

Set a Goal Every Day

Each time you clock into work, come up with a goal to accomplish by the end of the day.

Whether you plan to knock some old items off your to-do list, finish a project, or chat with a coworker, you don’t know well, having a mission to pursue throughout your workday will keep you engaged and give you a sense of purpose.

Recharge During Breaks & Lunch

Stay mindful and on task during the workday by planning short rejuvenating activities for your breaks. Instead of sitting at your desk and scrolling through your phone, take time to recharge in a meaningful way.

Going on a short walk, listening to music, calling a friend or family member for a brief chat, or even meditating can help leave you refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Make it Harder to Watch the Clock

Don’t waste another minute staring at the clock during the workday and wishing time would move faster. While you may not have the option of getting rid of your clock entirely, you can take some steps to avoid becoming a habitual clock-watcher.

If you have a clock hanging on the wall in your office, try sitting with your back to it. This will help prevent you from becoming fixated on how quickly the day is going by. If you wear a watch, take it off or move it to your non-dominant hand to avoid frequent time checks.

When you schedule a meeting, set an alarm to remind you in advance instead of watching the minutes tick down until it’s time to start.

Consider a Change

Even if you love your job, there may be periods when you feel uninspired. However, if you find yourself constantly wishing to be anywhere but work, it may be a sign to start looking for ways to change your work environment or schedule.

Consider whether switching your schedule, work routine, or another element of your job may make you happier and more productive.

If you’re sure that none of these changes would help, you may also want to start thinking about other career opportunities.

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