5 Reasons to Stop Working So Hard

A strong work ethic is essential to success. Yet many people equate this to working as hard as possible for as many hours as possible. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Humans are not built for nonstop work, and overwork is a common cause of health problems, including early death. If that’s not enough reason to slow down, here are 5 ways you could actually be sabotaging your career.

Quality Suffers

If your to-do list is endless, charging through it like a raging bull may seem like your only option. Yet that’s the worst way to produce quality work. Cutting your list to the tasks that matter most increases your ability to perform at your best.

You’re Impaired

You wouldn’t show up to an important meeting drunk or high, so why would you arrive sleep-deprived? Studies show that brain activity in people who haven’t gotten enough sleep is similar to that of those who have had too much to drink. You won’t be able to focus properly, use active listening, generate new ideas, or make good decisions. Add in the inevitable distraction that you will feel from all the other tasks you still have yet to accomplish, and you’ll be hopeless at getting anything accomplished.

You’re Cranky

Being overworked and tired will take its toll on your mood, casting a black cloud over yourself and everyone you encounter. This can cause irreparable damage to your career as well as your personal relationships.

You’re a Poor Leader

Not only does overwork lead to bad decision making, but it also sets a terrible example. If you’re in a leadership position, your employees will follow your tone. Do you really want a team of people who are irritable, making questionable decisions, and competing to see who can work the most hours before they drop?

Work Begets More Work

Many people justify overwork by telling themselves that it’s only temporary, and there will be a break soon. In reality, work has a tendency to build on itself. If you’re a supervisor, there will always be more projects to do. If you’re an employee, becoming known as the person who can get it all done will lead to you receiving more and more tasks. Step off the treadmill now and focus on making sure you are physically, psychologically, and emotionally ready for any new tasks you decide to pursue.

Looking to Improve Your Balance?

If you’re stuck in a cycle of overwork, a new position might help. To learn how One Source Staffing can help you find a position that offers better balance, explore our job board, and then join us today.

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