6 Simple Steps to Be Happier at Work

If your alarm clock fills you with dread and you can’t wait for the weekend, the odds are good that you’re not happy at work. Improving your happiness will not only boost your personal wellbeing, but it can have a major impact on your performance and productivity. While some work environments are truly toxic, a simple shift in attitude and habits can improve your happiness at work. Here are 6 simple steps you can take.

Eat Right and Exercise

It’s tough to be happy if you’re not feeling your best. Try focusing on nutrient-rich foods rather than junk, and fit in at least a few minutes of exercise each day. If you feel a foul mood coming on, eat a handful of nuts or other protein-packed snacks and go for a short walk in the fresh air.

Give Feedback

If things aren’t running smoothly at work, schedule a conversation with your boss. While some companies are reluctant to take feedback, the majority value the opinions of people on the front lines. Constructive criticism can resolve issues and help you feel a sense of ownership and pride in your work. Just make sure you remain professional and solution-oriented rather than simply complaining.

Practice Gratitude

It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re feeling grateful. Starting a gratitude journal can make you more aware of the good things you take for granted in your daily life. Also, consider sharing your gratitude by choosing one colleague per day to thank or praise. This can lift not only your mood but your coworkers’ moods as well.

Reflect and Meditate

Carve out a few minutes every day to meditate on your life, your job, and the areas you want to improve. Every two weeks or so, write down what’s going well and what you would like to focus on for the coming weeks.

Make Friends

Your coworkers don’t have to be your best friends, but work is much more fun when you feel a connection to those around you. Ask different colleagues to lunch or out for coffee during or right after the workday. You won’t click with everyone, but you may have more in common than you think with many of your coworkers.

Offer Help

Helping someone else is one of the best ways to get a quick boost in happiness. Look for opportunities to help others around the office, whether by mentoring or assisting with a pile of tasks.

Looking for a New Job?

Of course, some work environments are truly toxic, and the only way to regain your happiness is to change jobs. To learn how One Source Staffing can help you find your next role, take a look at our job board, and then join us today.

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