These Social Media Flags Can Cost You the Job

Social media is a great way to keep up with far-flung friends and relatives, post about your accomplishments, and network about potential positions. However, more and more employers are now checking social media profiles as part of screening candidates. Also, once you have the position, posting negatively about your employer or even making questionable personal posts could be grounds for termination. Here are some common social media slipups that could cost you the job of your dreams. 


Alcohol or Drug Use 

A photo of you sipping a glass of wine with a few friends isn’t likely to cause issues, but take down the pics that show you doing keg stands or playing beer pong. Even if marijuana is legal in your state, don’t push your luck by posting about your use. Of course, any illegal activity, such as using harder drugs, could also cost you the job. 


Political Rants 

With only minimal exceptions, employers can’t fire you for your political beliefs or activities. But that doesn’t mean they want to read your rants. Try to keep politics off your social media pages, or at least express your opinions in a concise, professional manner. 


Lack of Proofreading 

Employers want to know that you are competent at spelling and grammar. Even on your personal social media pages, take a moment to make sure that your posts are well-written. 


Showing Off 

Conspicuous consumption, excessively showing skin, and an overabundance of selfies could also cause employers to pass you by. Present yourself as responsible, mature, and discreet to improve your chances of landing your dream job. 


Limited Social Media Presence 

Interestingly, having little to no presence online could also cause employers to pass you by. Your online persona is another way for a potential employer to see if you’re the right fit, so don’t waste this opportunity by shutting down social media altogether. 


What to Post 

To cast yourself in the best possible light, use your social media profiles to showcase your professional talents and accomplishments. If you’re in a creative field, post examples of your work, or if you’re involved in volunteer work or other community activity, talk about what you do. Post your thoughts on current events without veering into rants, discuss the kind of work you are looking for, and highlight significant achievements. 


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