You Should Take That Interview Even if You Aren’t Looking

Whether a recruiter contacted you despite being happy with your current job or in a moment of desperation, you sent a resume to a company that doesn’t seem like a fit; a job interview may fill you with dread rather than excitement. Yet it’s always best to go to the interview, even if you aren’t really in the market for the offered position. Here’s why. 


You Might Be Surprised 

Even the most extensive research can’t tell you everything about a position. Job descriptions are notoriously tricky to write, and corporate websites aren’t always the best. Go in with an open mind, and you might just end up with an incredible job that you never knew you wanted. 


Interview Skills 

Even if the job doesn’t pan out, there is something to be said for practicing your interview skills in a low-stakes, real-world environment. The more interviews you go on, the more familiar you will be with them, and the more polished your responses to common interview questions will be. When you finally have a chance at your dream position, those practice sessions could be just what you needed to ace that all-important interview. 


Behind the Scenes Info 

Every interview gives you a peek behind the scenes at how things work in your industry. Maybe the interviewer is impressed by the skills you thought weren’t relevant to the position. Perhaps she doesn’t care for a particular section of your resume. Every interviewer is an individual, and one person’s opinions should not be taken as across the board truth. But the more interviews you go on, the more you can compare them. If certain things about your resume or your interview answers keep popping up in different scenarios, consider taking a closer look at them. 

You may also learn tidbits about new skills that your industry is starting to require, or even pieces of software on which you should become proficient. Take time to listen and learn, and no interview will ever be a waste. 


Looking for a New Job? 

If you’re only landing interviews for jobs you don’t want; it may be time to start working with a recruiter. To learn how One Source Staffing can help you find the position of your dreams, take a look at our job board, and then join us today. 

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