Volunteering Can Help You Land a Job – Here’s How

If you’re in the market for a new job, you might be overlooking a huge potential boost to your search. Volunteering isn’t just an excellent way to give back to your community, and it can also take your job hunt to the next level. Here are some reasons to help out your favorite nonprofit institution. 


Resume Continuity 

Filling in gaps in your work history can be one of the toughest parts of a job interview. Although volunteering might not get you quite as many “interview points” as paid employment, it’s far better than letting the interviewer think you’ve been sitting at home doing nothing. And if you’re volunteering for a cause you believe in, you can easily sell the worthiness of your pro bono work. 


Adding Skills 

Want to learn coding or fundraising or marketing or event planning? Lots of nonprofit organizations would be glad to bring you on board and let you learn on the job. Think of skills that could be useful in your chosen career path, and then look for volunteer opportunities that match what you want to learn. 


Testing a New Career Path 

If you’re thinking of changing careers, volunteering is a great way to test out a new field without risk. If it turns out to be the path of your dreams, the experience you gain while volunteering can help open doors. If it turns out not to be right for you, you won’t have a paycheck on the line while correcting your course. It’s even possible that you and the nonprofit will turn out to be a perfect match, and you’ll be offered a paying position there. 



Expanding your network can be a key component of a successful job search, but it can be tough to know how to begin. Volunteering takes you into a brand new peer group, and each person has his or her existing network. You never know who has a direct line to the job of your dreams. 


Self Confidence 

Many people experience tanking self-confidence when they’re out of work. Yet the worse you feel about yourself, the harder it becomes to convince interviewers of your value. Volunteering may be just the confidence boost you need to get yourself back on track. 


In the Market for a New Job? 

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