Using a Staffing Firm Can Help You Land Great Workers

It can be tough to find the talent you need, especially if yours is a small company without a full-scale human resources department. If you rely largely on freelancers, temporary workers, and part-timers, it can be even more challenging to find the right people. A staffing firm can help solve both issues. Here’s how. 


Benefits of Using a Staffing Firm 

  • Faster hiring: Staffing firms maintain ongoing relationships with candidates. Rather than starting from scratch every time you need a temp worker, you can call on your staffing firm to provide you with someone from their list. 
  • Screening and vetting: Running background checks, calling references, and administering skills tests takes time and effort. A staffing agency will provide you with prescreened, already vetted candidates. 
  • Flexibility: Staffing firms typically work with a mix of candidates who are seeking temporary, part-time, or full-time employment. Whether you need someone permanent or just for a few weeks, a staffing agency can help you remain flexible. 
  • Reduced risk: There are many small but important legal details involved in the hiring process, from contracts to income tax forms. Your staffing firm can handle those matters for you, reducing your risk of legal noncompliance. 


Working with a Staffing Agency 

Staffing firms can help you with temporary assignments (those with a set start and end dates), temp to hire positions (in which you want to test out a candidate and then hire permanently if he or she is the right fit), and direct hire roles (in which the staffing agency recruits a permanent member of your team. 

No matter which route you choose, the staffing firm will first look at its ranks to determine who might be a good fit. If no one on its list fills the bill, the staffing firm will do the work of advertising the position and screening applicants. You will be presented with a shortlist of candidates to interview and ultimately hire. For most roles, the person you select will be employed by the agency. For direct hire positions, the agency will support both you and the candidate through the onboarding process. 

The goal should be to find a compatible staffing firm that understands your industry and has access to quality candidates with the necessary skills to add value to your business. It’s worth taking the time to sit down and talk with a few staffing agencies to make sure you choose the one that best meets your needs. 


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