9 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

With all the work you put into your resume, it’s probably disheartening to realize that hiring personnel typically glance at each resume for only for a few seconds. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to boost your chances for your resume to be tossed into the Yes pile. 


Use Keywords 

Increasingly, companies are turning to automated resume filters, so your resume could be rejected without ever being seen by human eyes if you don’t incorporate keywords. Carefully read the job description to find important skills to include. Be careful, though. Stuffing your resume full of keywords might get you past the filter, but the first human who sees it will dump it in the No pile. Incorporate keywords as they naturally fit. 


Fine Tune Your Resume 

The basics of your resume won’t change, but most people have substantially more knowledge, skills, and experience than they can fit onto a single resume. For each position, tweak your resume to show off the details that are especially relevant to that job. 


Update Your Header 

Listing your objective is passé. Instead, use the space right below your name and contact details to craft a short branding statement. Let potential employers know in a few words who you are and why you’re relevant. 


Check the Format 

Make sure your formatting is modern and professional. It should be clear and easy to read without unnecessary visual clutter. Using color is okay for most industries, but use it sparingly and only to highlight specific details. 



Typos are completely unacceptable on a resume. Read it over several times, and ask someone else to check it as well. 


Use Metrics 

“Show don’t tell” is an old storyteller’s adage, and your resume should tell the story of your success. Wherever possible, use dollar figures, percentages, or other metrics to demonstrate your past achievements. 


Two Pages Are Fine 

The old rule about keeping a resume to just page no longer applies, at least for those with several years in the job market. Feel free to use up to two pages, as long as it’s concise, tightly written, and welledited. 


Remember Your Audience 

When writing and finetuning your resume, keep your industry in mind. Are certain certifications required? Do you need continuing education credits each year? Anything that is a non-negotiable aspect of the position should be highlighted front and center. 


Add a Cover Letter 

Many employers will not consider a candidate who submits a resume without a cover letter. Think of the cover letter as a chance to build on your resume, adding more details and fleshing out the story of who you are, rather than simply repeating the information from your resume. 


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