Stuck Between Two Qualified Candidates?

Top talent can be hard to find. If you are in the position of trying to choose between two equally qualified candidates, take a deep breath. It can be frustrating, but it’s also an excellent spot to find yourself rather than unable to find a candidate. Here are some tips for making your decision. 


Think Ahead 

Ideally, the person you choose will be able to stay and grow with your company long term. Compare the candidates not only based on their ability to do the current position, but also their leadership qualities and any skills they have that might translate to higher-level jobs in your organization. 


Consider “Fit” 

Every company has its own unique corporate culture. Do you have a “work hard play hard” mentality? Are most of your team members introverts who prefer working alone? Is overtime expected, or does everyone leave early on Fridays if the work is complete? Think about the overall flow of your company, and then determine which of the candidates would mesh better with your organization. 


Look for the X-Factor 

Every person is an individual, and everyone shines in different areas. What is each candidate’s X factor? What does he or she bring to the table that’s unique? Maybe one prospect’s top quality is something your organization is currently lacking. If so, go with the candidate who can take your team to the next level. 


Hire Both 

If your budget allows, and there is enough work to be done, consider hiring both candidates. Not every new hire works out, and it would be unfortunate if the one you chose decided the position wasn’t right for her. Even if both stay long term, they are likely to grow and develop in very different ways, which could be a strong asset to your team. Though it may seem like a radical decision, if you truly have two top tier candidates, it’s worth assessing whether you can make room for both in your organization. 

If you simply can’t bring on both candidates, maintain contact with the one you don’t select. You will likely have a position open up at some point, and that person may be the best choice to fill it. 


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