What Information Should I Put on My LinkedIn?

With more than 500 million users, you probably already know that LinkedIn is a valuable job hunting resource. But many people wonder how best to maximize their LinkedIn profile. Here’s an overview of the information you should include. 


Your Headshot 

Show off who you are by adding a headshot to your profile. Just be sure to keep it professional. Dress for success, make sure your hair is neatly styled and don’t include pets or other people in the photo. You don’t need a professional photographer, but you should make sure the lighting and other elements are right. 


Your Professional Summary 

Write a strong headline and flesh it out in the About section of your profile. This is your opportunity to sell your strengths and what you have to offer a company, so don’t be afraid to brag. Just make sure you back up your claims with data, such as certifications and key accomplishments. 


Your Experience 

If you already have a resume, this part should be easy. Make sure the work history on your resume is also reflected in your LinkedIn profile. It’s also worthwhile to include extra details that might not fit on your resume, such as early jobs or educational accomplishments that are outside your current field. LinkedIn’s networking capabilities let you connect with others who went to the same school or worked for the same past employer, and you never know when a connection could lead to a current position in your field. 

Volunteer experience is also appropriate on LinkedIn. In fact, some employers value the time spent giving back to others. 


Your Skills and Accomplishments 

LinkedIn’s Skills and Accomplishments sections let you go into more detail than is possible on the average resume. Build a list of your core competencies along with industry-specific skills. For the Accomplishments section, list any additional languages you know, publications where your work has been featured, and anything else you have done that makes you stand out. 



Asking for recommendations can feel awkward, but it’s an essential part of LinkedIn’s networking system. Request them from former employers, coworkers, or even college professors, and consider offering a reciprocal arrangement in which you each provide a recommendation for the other. 


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