Hot Job: Warehouse Packer in Bethlehem

A warehouse packer, sometimes known as a picker, is responsible for filling orders for the company. You will receive an order slip and retrieve the requested items from the warehouse shelves. You’ll then choose the right shipping container, such as a poster tube or a properly sized cardboard box, and load the items into it. You will add protective packing material as needed, from foam peanuts to bubble wrap, seal the box, and send it on for shipping.

Depending on how your worksite is organized, you may also need to interact with a computerized order tracking system, perhaps by scanning a bar code or entering information into the system. You’ll likely also be responsible for keeping the work area clean, logging information on damaged products, and other related duties.

At OneSource Staffing, we have excellent opportunities available for warehouse packers in Bethlehem, PA. These positions offer rotating 12-hour shifts: days and overnights. The overnight shift pays a premium of an extra $1 per hour. You will be expected to work every other weekend, as well as some overtime.


What You Should Know About Warehouse Picking and Packing

At larger warehouses, picking (retrieving the items from the shelves) and packing (loading them into shipping containers, may be separate tasks. In this case, employees generally rotate between picking and packing, either by shift or every few hours throughout the day. In smaller locations, you will likely perform all the picking and packing tasks for each order you have.

There is no specific educational requirement for the job, but you must be good at basic math and reading comprehension. Familiarity with basic computer usage is also important. Many employers prefer to hire candidates with a high school diploma, and some companies require a standard background check.

The job is highly physical, so you must be comfortable with standing, walking, and moving heavy boxes throughout each shift. You should also be organized and detail-oriented, good at communicating with your coworkers and shift leaders, and willing to treat each item with care.


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