6 Tips for Establishing A Great Company Culture

As a boss, the example you set can motivate or demotivate your employees. Establishing a high company culture is one of the best ways to boost employee engagement, improve productivity, and build corporate loyalty. But many bosses have no idea where to begin. Here a few tips. 



Make respect the basic building block for everything your organization does. Expect your team to respect each other and your customers, and model ways to demonstrate that respect. From how you speak to each other to honoring boundaries and personal space, there are innumerable ways to foster respect. 



You likely have team members from different generations, backgrounds, cultural groups, and other diverse identities. Foster a culture of inclusivity in which everyone has a seat at the table and the chance to have his or her voice heard. 



A huge part of respect and inclusivity is open communication. Be transparent. Stick to your word. Let your team know what’s happening. Equally important, listen. Let team members know how best to share their ideas or concerns and respond in a timely manner. Encourage employees to communicate openly with each other as well. 



Many companies get so focused on striving for perfection that they forget to celebrate the wins, as well as the important milestones in team members’ lives. Reach a major business goal? Celebrate it! Hire someone new or have an employee about to retire? Bring in a cake. Knowing that even a small reward lies ahead will boost loyalty and encourage employees to keep pushing ahead even when times get tough. 



Your employees are not robots, and treating them as such will only breed resentment. Listen to their concerns and do what you can to accommodate them. If a single mom needs the day off to see about her child, or a team member is late because the bus broke down, don’t penalize them. Be as flexible as possible about situations that are simply part of human life. 



Don’t micromanage. Give employees boundaries and general guidelines, and see what they can come up with. Encourage teams to brainstorm solutions to workflow issues and other days to day situations. When people feel trusted, they also feel valued, and you may just be surprised by what creative ideas they come up with. 


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