Hiring for Diversity in Your Workplace

A diverse workforce brings many benefits, from better problem solving to improved employee morale, and ultimately higher profits. But you probably already know that diversity hiring needs to be authentic, based on finding the best person for each position rather than merely ticking boxes. How can you ensure that you recruit a meaningful, diverse team? Here are a few tips on hiring for diversity in your workplace. 


Rewrite the Job Posting 

The language you use in a job posting can make it feel either inclusive or exclusive to a diverse workforce. Words like “dominating” or “challenging” tend to attract a disproportionate number of white males while turning off equally qualified candidates that fall into other demographics. If possible, have people from several different backgrounds read each job description before posting it. 


Show, Don’t Tell 

Anyone can say that they are committed to workplace diversity, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure your website and social media feature photos and videos of your diverse workforce. Of course, a little goes a long way. Use media as it naturally fits, rather than stuffing your profiles full of unnecessary videos and pictures. 


Increase Flexible Work Options 

If you force your entire team to commute to your downtown office five days a week, your workforce will disproportionately represent people who can afford to live downtown. Offering flexible work hours and work from home options gives those residing further away an equal opportunity to work for you. It also opens up a bigger pool of candidates, which may give you the chance to hire someone with even better skills and experience. 


Encourage Referrals 

If your workplace is already reasonably diverse, employee referrals are a great way to build upon that diversity. A large portion of most people’s networks consists of those who share demographic similarities. Hiring from referrals is also smart because it can reduce your hiring costs and time investment while increasing the likelihood of finding new employees who are the right fit for your company. 


Use Blind Hiring Software 

Blind hiring software removes unconscious bias from the hiring process by eliminating candidate names, addresses, schools, and other data that could be used to create a favorable or unfavorable first impression. This ensures that until the in-person interview phase, you are focused solely on each candidate’s skills and experience. 

Increasing diversity in your workplace isn’t as hard as it might seem. Just follow these simple tips and keep an open mind, and you may be surprised how quickly you develop a more diverse team. 


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