5 Ways to Get Management’s Attention While on the Job

Whether you’re in a temp job that you hope to make permanent, or you simply want to move up in your career, getting the attention of the boss is key to your success. But how can you stand out among the crowd? Here are five ways to get management’s attention while on the job. 


Meet Deadlines 

One of the biggest things you can do to get your leader’s attention is to meet your deadlines. If you’re given an unreasonable due date, address it right away and let the boss know when you can complete the work. If something comes up and you can’t make a deadline, inform management immediately. But as much as you possibly can, meet your deadlines. 


Offer Solutions 

If there are problems in the workplace, your boss needs to know. But nothing gets under management’s skin faster than an unending list of complaints without solutions. Before taking the situation to your boss, figure out what you need to resolve the situation. When you approach management, be ready to offer solutions alongside the problem. Your boss may or may not take your suggestions, but making them will show responsibility and consideration. 


Take Responsibility 

Everyone makes mistakes, and no one can possibly know everything. But how you handle these issues is extremely important if you want to get ahead. If you don’t know something, ask. Better yet, admit that you don’t know it but pledge to find the answer. Then follow through. When you make a mistake, own it. Apologize and suggest a solution to fix the problem. Management will be impressed by your maturity and your ability to handle tough situations. 


Learn Something Every Day 

Whether it’s how to fix a machine or the fact that your boss doesn’t want to hear problems until after a cup of coffee, there is always something new to learn. Find out your leader’s priorities. Pay attention to your performance reviews. Figure out where the stuck points are in your workflow and prepare suggestions for making things run more smoothly. Learning something every day, and sharing feedback on what you learned, can help management see that you are a proactive and trustworthy team player. 


Be Sociable But Reduce Socializing 

No one likes a grouch, so find ways to cooperate and work well with your team. At the same time, spending too much time socializing at work costs your boss money. Strive to find a balance in which you get along well with those around you but save the long, in-depth conversations for coffee breaks or happy hour. 


Time to Move On? 

Some workplaces are toxic or simply a dead end. If you’ve implemented these tips and still feel like you’re spinning your wheels, it might be time to move on. To learn how OneSource Staffing can assist you with finding your next position in Port Jervis, NY, visit our job board today. 

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