How Do I Quit My Job?

The days of starting a job right after high school or college and eventually retiring from the same employer are long gone. In fact, the average employee now holds a stunning 12 different jobs before retirement, staying less than five years in each place. But no matter how many jobs you have previously held, quitting never really gets any easier. Here are some tips. 


Make Sure You Really Want to Leave 

Everyone hits a slump now and then. No matter how much you love your job, some days, weeks, and even months are just tough. Analyze your reasons for wanting to leave, sit with your feelings, and think about what you want to do next. Remember that it’s always better to run toward something, such as a job you love, rather than away from something, such as a job you hate. Of course, if your workplace is truly toxic, it’s better to get out as soon as you can. 


Keep It, Professional 

Whenever possible, try to give two weeks’ notice (or more if required by your employment contract). You never know when you’ll need a reference or which coworker may be in a position to hire you in the future, so try not to burn your bridges. Write a letter of resignation, but deliver it in person to your supervisor. Your last two weeks may feel awkward, but try to focus on doing your job and, if asked, on training your replacement. 

Avoid going into too much detail about why you’re leaving, either in your resignation letter or in conversations with your boss or coworkers. Just stick to the narrative that you’ve enjoyed the work and learned a lot, but it’s now time to move on. Tensions may be running high, and anything you say could end up leading to hurt feelings or office drama. 


Make a Clean Exit 

Be sure to tie up loose ends before you go. Find out about any accrued vacation time that may be paid out. Gather information on continuing your insurance and rolling over your 401K, if applicable. Ask your boss for a reference. Return any company property. Taking these steps while you’re still employed is far easier than having to call or return later to finish closing out your employment. 


Time to Move On? 

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