Are Online Reviews Hindering Applicants?

Hiring employees costs time and money, so it only makes sense to try to recruit the best and most loyal job seekers. But top tier candidates won’t settle for just any workplace. They have specific criteria in mind, including: 

  • Value alignment 
  • Reputational excellence 
  • New challenges 
  • Ability to help them grow 

These intangibles can’t be found in a job posting, so candidates turn to employer review sites instead. They want to know what it’s really like to work for your company, and they aren’t afraid to walk away if they don’t like what they see. Besides forcing you to settle for mediocre candidates, poor online reviews can also have additional impacts on your hiring process: 

  • Elevated cost per hire: Candidates may decide to walk away at any point before accepting the offer. This may lead you to waste money on meetings and interviews, only to have to start over when your first choice declines. 
  • Longer hiring times: If you have trouble attracting candidates, or they tend to walk away during the hiring process, it will take you longer to actually hire someone. This can cause projects to slow down, overload your current employees, and even lead to additional poor reviews. 


Overcoming Poor Reviews 

Fortunately, you can fix the problem. The first step is to acknowledge that it exists. Carefully read the negative reviews to learn what your employees are saying. Also consider sending out a companywide anonymous survey asking how the employee experience could be improved. 

Next, take proactive steps to correct the issues. Implement a new feedback system in which your employees feel empowered to bring up problems early, with confidence that they will be addressed. Make a commitment to follow up on feedback. You don’t have to implement all of your employees’ suggestions, but you should give them careful consideration. 

Finally, ask for new reviews. Don’t offer incentives, as this is against the rules for many review sites. Instead, emphasize that reviews are anonymous and let your employees know that they can be very helpful in bringing in new team members. Be sure to follow all the rules of whichever review sites you choose. 

Poor online reviews can make it tough to recruit the best candidates. But actively addressing the problems that led to the negative feedback, and then asking your employees to write new reviews, can help you overcome the situation. 

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