The BEST Time to Search for a New Job

From watermelon and bikinis in the summer to pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters in the fall, our lives follow the rhythms of the year. While there are always exceptions, most companies also have predictable hiring seasons. Here’s what you need to know. 

Slow Seasons 

Job hunting tends to be slower at two main times of the year: the dog days of summer and the busy holiday season. If possible, you’ll want to steer clear of looking for a new job from roughly Memorial Day to Labor Day, as well as Halloween through New Year’s. The main exception is temporary, seasonal work, as many industries add temp workers to account for surges over the summer and during the busy holiday season. 

Reasonably Active Times 

The spring and fall can be good times to find a new job. In April and May, hiring professionals are eager to get positions filled before they leave for summer vacation, while executives are busy with product launches and fundraising. The hiring process tends to go faster as both groups seek to wrap things up. This cycle repeats itself in the fall. Everyone returns from the summer relaxed and refreshed, but in the mood to get hiring completed before annual budgets run out and the busy holiday season hits. 

The Best Time of Year for Job Seekers 

The beginning of the year is arguably the best time of all to look for a new full-time job. With brand-new budgets and forecasts in hand, and employees back from holiday vacations, most companies are ready to welcome new team members. 

Keep in mind that January typically gets off to a slow start, as it takes time for companies to settle into the new year’s routines. But putting in your application early in January can position you for an interview, and a potential offer, in mid to late January. The hiring season typically lasts through February, though, so don’t stress out if it takes you a few weeks to get your resumes to your desired employers. 

Ready for a New Role? 

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