Steps to Put Your Best Foot Forward this Year

New Year’s is a traditional time to make resolutions for being your best self in the next 12 months. But too often, these resolutions are vague and unclear, and many people drop them within weeks. If you’re committed to a new you both personally and professionally, here are some concrete steps you can take. 

Pursue Something That Scares You 

Lots of people dream big, but few have the courage to actually follow those big dreams. This year, focus on huge but scary opportunities and make the commitment to follow it through. Even baby steps can add up to long-term success. 

Work, Work, Work 

As Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” It’s true that talent, money, and even timing will have an impact on your success at any particular goal. But the key to success overall is a willingness to work hard, even if it means toiling away long hours alone. Making time for self-care and work-life balance are essential, but reduce the number of hours you spend mindlessly watching TV or scrolling through social media. 

Create Opportunities 

It’s theoretically possible that your dream job could fall into your lap, but the odds against it are astronomical. Instead, create your own opportunities by going for what you want. Whether you’re sending emails, attending networking events, or cold calling an old contact, just showing up is the first step. 

Discover Your Passion 

You’ll never be truly successful if you don’t tap into your passion. At work and at home, passion is what will keep you moving forward during the tough times. It might be a hobby, your family, or your career, but whatever it is, find it and hold on tight. 

Stay Curious 

Curiosity is what keeps us learning, growing, and evolving. Once you start to find success, it’s easy to lose your edge. But the driving need to discover something new, to gain an understanding that you didn’t have before, will keep you from burning out and ultimately failing. 

Find Your People 

Experts say that we’re generally the average of the five people we are around most often. So make those relationships count. Focus on positive, uplifting people whose personalities mesh well with your own. Your core group should constantly push each other to become the best versions of yourselves. 

Ready for a New Role? 

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