3 Ways to Sell Candidates on Temporary Placements

Most people in the job market are looking for full-time employment, so they may balk at first when presented with a temporary opportunity. Yet temp placements have many advantages for candidates as well as companies. Here are three things to talk about when trying to sell a candidate on a temp job.

Developing Skills

Temp work can be a fantastic way to build new skills. Whether the candidate is fresh out of school or has been in the workforce for some time, there is always something new to learn. The unique skills that someone learns at your workplace will stay with him for a lifetime. They can also look great on his resume when he’s ready to move on.

Remaining Flexible

No matter how old we get, many of us still aren’t sure what we want to be when we grow up. Since temp work is, by definition, time-limited, it gives job seekers the opportunity to try out different positions and even different fields. They won’t need to worry about damaging their job history. This can be a huge selling point for people who are considering a career change.

An Ongoing Working Interview

One of the biggest ways to sell a candidate on a temp job is to remind her that you will eventually have full-time openings. A temp position is a way to get her foot in the door, to learn the ropes, and to get to know the team. It also gives you the chance to see how she works and what her values are. Assuming there’s a match, temp workers can often move to the front of the hiring line. If the match doesn’t happen to work out, you’ll be able to part ways amicably.

In many cases, job hunters aren’t necessarily against taking on temporary work. They may just never have thought it through. Point out these three ways that the temp position can benefit them, and a lot of applicants will give the opportunity some serious thought.

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