Looking to Make a Good First Impression? Tips For Your First Day At a New Job

If you’ve recently been hired for a new position, congratulations! Now the real work begins. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so make it count. Here are some tips for making sure your first day is a success.

Plan for Your Other Tasks

When you’re out of work, it’s only natural to start taking on a bunch of tasks at home. But now, you’ll have to figure out how to get those things done around your new work schedule. Sit down with your family to make plans. Do you need to figure out pet care or childcare? How will your kids get home from school? Who will do the grocery shopping, and when? The last thing you want on your first day of work is a panicked text from a stranded family member.

Make Some Appointments

If you have a few days before your new job starts, now is the time to schedule any major appointments. Have you been putting off a doctor’s appointment? Does your car need an oil change? Would it give you more confidence to get a haircut or a manicure before your first day? You don’t want to take time off in the first weeks of a new job, so take care of things in advance.

Learn Your Commute

Being late to work can create a terrible first impression, so be sure to learn the public transportation schedules or traffic patterns ahead of time. Double-check that you know where to park or the walking route from the closest bus or subway stop. Leave the house at least 10 minutes early every day in your first week to account for any delays.

Dress for Success

Select an outfit that is comfortable, not too flashy, and in the mid-range of office formality. Lay it out in advance, along with your shoes, handbag, and jewelry. Carefully examine everything to see if it needs washing or repairs.

Organize Your Materials

Use a professional portfolio or briefcase. Bring a pen and a notebook, as well as any documents you may have been given. If you don’t know about the lunch situation, toss in some simple food that doesn’t need refrigeration.

Ready for a New Role?

If you’re ready for a new job, OneSource Staffing is here for you. To learn how we can assist you with finding your next position in Port Jervis, NY, visit our job board today.

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