The Best Layouts for Job Postings That Will Attract the Right Candidates

Are you struggling to find good candidates for the open positions at your company? It may be time to redesign your job postings. A well-laid-out job posting will efficiently signal what type of candidates your business is seeking and draw qualified applicants. Here’s how you can make sure your job posting reaches the right people.

Use Accurate Titles

Using buzzwords like “guru,” “rockstar,” or “ninja” in a job posting may seem like a way to stand out from the crowd. However, they also make it harder for candidates to find your posting when searching for open positions.

Optimize your posting by choosing a simple, descriptive job title. If you’re not sure what to call the position, search several different titles on a job website and see which turn up similar jobs to the one you’re advertising.

Name Specific Skills

Using vague or generic language in your job posting will likely attract a pool of candidates who aren’t qualified to step into the position.

Instead, go into detail about the skills and experience you expect from candidates. Name specific scenarios in which they should excel, whether it’s talking on the phone with customers, logging orders, or operating machinery.

Describe the Ideal Candidate

In addition to listing the skills that a candidate should have, outline the role they’d play in your company. Including a description of your dream hire and what they’d bring to your workplace will help candidates decide whether the position will be a good fit.

Include Salary and Benefits

Some employers leave the salary field blank when writing a job posting in the belief that it will bring in a wider number of applicants. However, this can often have the opposite effect—many candidates won’t apply for a job unless there is a salary posted.

Posting a salary or salary range ensures your applicant pool is made up of people who are on board with the compensation you’re ready to offer. If the job comes with any benefits, make sure to include those too.

Delineate Hard Requirements

Make sure to designate which skills and experience are required as opposed to which are preferred (or strongly preferred).

If your job posting doesn’t distinguish between the two, it can give strong candidates the impression that they won’t qualify for the job—or make unqualified candidates confident that they will.

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