Should You Create a Customized Resume For Each Job You’re Applying To?

Applying to jobs is a huge time commitment. If you’re trying to make the process go faster, you may wonder whether you should just send in the same resume for every job.

The short answer: no. Read on to discover some reasons why taking the time to tailor your resume will help you grab an employer’s attention and land that job you’re eyeing.

Make it Past the Computers

Many companies are using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for first-round candidate screenings. An ATS is a type of software that scans applications and resumes for language that suggests a candidate is qualified.

By incorporating relevant keywords from the job posting into your resume, you can improve your chances of passing the ATS screening and getting your application in front of a human recruiter.

Highlight Relevant Skills

A customized resume gives you the chance to select the most important skills to showcase for the job at hand.

When tailoring your resume to individual jobs, devote page space only to what’s relevant. For example, if you’re applying to a database administrator position, you can probably cut mentions of freelance design projects.

Catch Their Eye

Hiring managers will often look through dozens of resumes in one sitting. More often than not, they start by skimming resumes for certain qualifications or backgrounds.

The effort you make to include job-specific details in your resume can be the difference between an employer passing over your resume and inviting you to an interview.

Demonstrate Your Interest

Employers can tell the difference between a generic resume and a customized resume. Sending in a customized resume shows you are serious about your application and interested in the particular position they’re advertising.

Update Constantly

Customizing your resume each time you apply to a job makes it easier to keep your resume current and accurate. Each time you pull up your resume, check for outdated information, irrelevant details, and spelling or grammar errors.

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