64% of Job Seekers Say Job Searching in 2021 Has Been More Stressful

Have you noticed high levels of stress among candidates who interview for jobs at your company? According to recent surveys, 64% of job seekers think the job search process has been more stressful in 2021 than before.

Read on to discover how you can adjust your hiring process to lower stress levels and make the process run better for everyone.

Recognize What Candidates Are Experiencing

With companies competing to attract employees right now, it may seem like candidates have it easy. However, that’s far from the full story.

Today’s job candidates entered the job market in the wake of a pandemic that caused massive layouts and may have changed their career paths.

Keeping this in mind during the recruitment and interviewing process will help you navigate it with empathy.

Simplify Your Application Process

If your application requires a candidate to register for an account on your website, it adds an extra layer of difficulty to the process. The same goes for requiring candidates to manually enter information from their resume after submitting a PDF.

By making the process simpler, you can reduce stress among candidates and improve the chance that they will follow through with the job application instead of abandoning it.

Reduce Uncertainty to Decrease Job Search Stress

A large amount of job search stress is related to the unknown: whether a job will live up to how it looks on paper and how the candidate will fit in.

Employers can help cut down on this uncertainty by including as much detail as possible in the job descriptions listed on career websites or elsewhere.

Listing a salary, work hours, amount of vacation, and benefits in the job posting can help candidates set correct expectations when they pursue a job at your company.

Set Interviews in Advance

If you receive an application for a dream candidate, you may be tempted to offer them an interview then and there. In our modern world of Zoom interviews, it’s becoming more common than ever to connect with candidates right away.

The problem is that requesting an interview without much notice reduces a candidate’s opportunities to prepare. For this reason, it’s good to aim for at least 24 hours’ notice when you reach out with a proposed interview time.

Be Personable in the Interview Process

Addressing a candidate by name, asking about their day, and demonstrating respect and interest in them as an individual can help alleviate their anxiety in an interview.

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