Are You Overthinking Interview Questions?

Interview preparation is an essential process for any job seeker. While it’s a good idea to think about the questions you’ll be asked in advance and prepare answers, you don’t want to overthink it either.

Honest Answers > “Good” Answers

Hiring teams may field dozens of candidates in the process of filling a single position. They will inevitably hear the same answers over and over because candidates often fall back on a set of standard responses that are considered “the right ones.”

Instead of responding to a question with what you think the interviewer wants to hear, focus on answering honestly. Giving a truthful answer in the moment will help you come across as genuine and stand out from other candidates.

It’s Possible to Over Rehearse

Don’t attempt to memorize exact responses ahead of your interview—you don’t want to sound like an actor reciting lines. Plus, you might be asked a question that you didn’t prepare to answer.

The better approach is to think in general terms about how you’d answer common interview questions like “How do you deal with challenges?” and “What is your greatest weakness?” instead of attempting to prepare a word-by-word response.

Interviews Should Be Conversations

When you get overly caught up in the details of what the interviewer will ask and how you’ll respond, you miss the big picture of the interview.

Rather than treating your interview as an interrogation, look at it as a conversation in which both you and your interviewer have the chance to evaluate how you would fit into the open position.

Asking questions about the company and seeking clarification on any uncertainty about the job demonstrates your interest in the company. It shows that you’re not simply going through the motions of the interview.

Get Hired with a Staffing Agency

When you work with a staffing agency to find a new job, you gain access to a skilled group of recruitment experts who can help you get ready for interviews.

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