Is Texting Taking the Lead for Most Preferred Communication Method?

In 2021, hiring managers are taking a new approach to connecting with candidates: texting. According to this year’s Job Seeker Nation Report, 69% of job seekers prefer texting over email or phone calls as a way to schedule job interviews.

Is your business considering using text messages in place of your current communication channel for job applicants? Here’s everything you need to know about how to use texting for setting up interviews.

Texting Has Benefits

Scheduling job interviews over text may seem counterintuitive for some companies. Since text messages are commonly used for casual communication, you may be hesitant to use them in a professional context.

However, texting has certain benefits over emailing or calling. Not only is it faster, but it also makes it easier to contact multiple candidates at once.

It’s also important to consider the impact of COVID-19 on mobile phone use and texting habits. In one survey, 61% of respondents said that their texting increased due to COVID-19.

Reaching out to candidates through a form of communication they already use in everyday life can speed up the time it takes to plan an interview and make your hiring process more efficient.

Keep it Professional

Despite its history as a more casual medium, you should treat texting a job candidate as you would any other kind of business communication.

If you establish contact over text, make sure to introduce yourself and your business first: “Good morning, Alicia! This is Kaori Brown from Sanderson Enterprises. I’m following up on your application for the Office Manager position.”

Always communicate in complete sentences, use proper spelling and grammar, and avoid using shorthand like “lol” or “brb.”

Consider the Format

Texting works best for conveying quick information. It’s also practical for asking yes-or-no questions, like “Can we push the interview back 10 minutes?” or “Did you have a chance to fill out the form I sent you?”

If you need to hash out details or have a conversation, texting is a less effective medium. An email or phone call is usually preferable in these situations.

Respect Their Time

Since it only takes a minute to send a text, it’s easy to let certain boundaries lapse when communicating with candidates, including when you contact a candidate.

Sending a text late at night or during the weekend signals that you constantly expect the candidate to be on call. Instead, show candidates that you respect their time by sticking to texting during business hours.

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