Career Quiz: Which Type of Job is Best for You? (Temp, Temp to Perm, Direct Hire)

What kind of job is the best fit for you: temporary, temp to perm, or a direct hire position? Take this quiz to find out!

Which of the following best describes your attitude to job searching?

a) I like to bounce between jobs and try different things.

b) I prefer to play it safe. I like trying out new opportunities to see if they’re a good fit before committing.

c) I’m all about stability. I like finding a role and sticking around for a while.

What kind of work schedule is right for you?

a) A fluctuating work schedule that I can adapt to my non-work life.

b) A predictable work schedule that I can change if I really need to.

c) A consistent, full-time work schedule.

How much does company culture matter in your work life?

a) Not much—I usually do my own thing and don’t pay much attention to it.

b) Somewhat—my level of buy-in depends on how I feel about the workplace after being there for a little while.

c) A lot—I want to bond with my coworkers and feel like part of the team.

 What kind of person is your ideal manager?

a) A hands-off boss who would allow me to be independent in my day-to-day work.

b) Someone who I could get to know over time without a ton of pressure on day one.

c) A hands-on leader who will be there to assist me as I settle into my role.

Which word would you choose to describe your professional persona?

a) Jack-of-all-trades. I am always looking to hone new skills and stay busy with a wide variety of ever-changing responsibilities.

b) Before I determine if I’m going to start a new job, I want to get a sense of what it’s like.

c) Once I find a company and role that I like, I plan to stay there for a long time.


Mostly As: You’re best suited for temp jobs.

Mostly Bs: You’re best suited for temp to perm jobs.

Mostly Cs: You’re best suited for direct hire jobs.

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