Should You Accept a Less-Than-Perfect Job?

Great news! You’ve received a job offer. But here’s the catch: the position doesn’t quite line up with what you want. It’s certainly not first on your list—and maybe it isn’t on your list at all.

In this situation, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision. When determining whether you should accept a job that falls short of your dream career, consider the following questions.

How Much Does Money Matter?

If a high pay rate matters more to you than other aspects of a job, you may think about accepting an offer that isn’t the perfect fit in other ways.

Determining how much your salary matters to you can provide a good starting point for navigating job offers.

Do You Need the Experience?

If you’re just getting started in an industry, you may need to work a job (or a few jobs) that you aren’t enthusiastic about to gain experience for the future.

Ideally, you’d be able to find a job that looks good on your resume and checks all your boxes. The reality is that sometimes options are few, and you may need to settle for one that only fulfills the former of the two.

Are There Growth Opportunities?

It’s worth asking whether a job presents significant opportunities for promotions and growth before declining. Being able to move up in your field may outweigh the costs of taking on a job you’re not particularly thrilled about.

Do You Like the Employer?

Your work environment and company culture will affect you on a daily basis. Taking on a less-than-perfect job may be worth it if you’re sold on the company and people for whom you’d be working.

Is It a Temporary or Long-Term Job?

An offer for a full-time, permanent position should not be taken lightly. If you expect a position to be for the long term, you may want to think twice about accepting one about which you’re uncertain.

With temporary positions, you can take a more fluid approach. Taking a risk on a job is easier to do when it’s only for an abbreviated period of time.

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