Stop a Bad Day From Turning into a Bad Month

Everyone has a bad day at work now and then. But if your bad days tend to spiral into bad weeks or even bad months, you may need to rethink the ways you address and react to bad days. Follow these tips to prevent the inevitable bad days from snowballing.

Stay Busy

Did you spill coffee all over the office floor? Miss a meeting because you wrote down the wrong time? Get passed over for the promotion you really wanted?

Sticking to your schedule can be one of the most effective ways to beat a bad mood. After you handle whatever curveball is thrown to you, don’t sit around and dwell on what just happened—keep it moving.

Plan Mindfulness into Your Workday

If you work in a stressful or physically demanding career, you may not find many chances to rest or relax during your workday. In these cases, scheduling moments on your breaks to take a breath and step away from your work can be a lifesaver.

Take a few minutes each day to meditate, stretch, go on a walk, or do another activity that is calming and will buy you some time to be mindful.

Limit Complaints to Coworkers

Sometimes it can feel good to vent about a rotten day. However, speaking negatively about your job to other people at your company can often make you feel worse by encouraging you to dwell on problems instead of moving along.

Another downside is that complaining frequently to your coworkers may earn you a not-so-flattering reputation, which can lead managers and coworkers to avoid you and further impact your work environment.

Instead of unloading your negative thoughts on people at work, limit your complaints and project a more positive attitude. If you’re desperate to vent, choose a trusted friend outside of your work environment.

Celebrate Every Success

Look for opportunities to celebrate success during your workdays, even for the smallest reasons. Whether it’s completing a huge project or learning a new Excel cut, try to notice and appreciate personal accomplishments.

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