Why It’s Instinctively Hard for People to Leave Their Current Job (Even if They Hate It)

Are you finding it hard to quit a job you don’t like? This phenomenon is more common than you may think. Even in the era of the Great Resignation, many people are finding it surprisingly tough to take the leap and leave their jobs.

Read on to learn about some of the reasons that people end up staying in jobs even when they’re ready to go.

Fear of Failure

To many people, quitting a job feels like a type of failure—and failing never feels good.

Being afraid of failure has been shown to directly impact individual life decisions. According to one poll of Americans, 49% of respondents report that a fear of failure is a major setback in achieving their goals.

Even if people genuinely want to leave their jobs, this fear can influence them to stick around instead.

Their Job is Tied to Their Identity

There’s a reason that people often include their job titles in social media profiles and ask each other, “So what do you do?” when meeting for the first time. Like it or not, our jobs are often tied to our personal identities.

However you feel about your job, it likely consumes a large part of your time, thoughts, and energy. Closing the chapter on this part of your life can be intimidating and may force you to ask big questions about your sense of self.

Uncertainty About the Future

While no one relishes the thought of staying in a bad job situation, going into the unknown can be even more frightening for some people.

The uncertainty of what will happen after leaving a job is a significant roadblock to many unhappy workers. Although they may be struggling in their current position, it can still seem preferable to taking a chance on the job market.

Old Habits Die Hard

Once you establish a routine, deviating from it can seem impossible. People frequently struggle to uproot from their usual day-to-day work in order to try something new.

Even complaining about your job can become another habit that you’re accustomed to and accept instead of motivation to look for a new job.

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