5 Reasons You Should Find a Mentor at Work

A mentor is a trusted friend or acquaintance who can provide valuable advice and guidance as you navigate your career path. You may have heard that finding a mentor at work is important for professional development.

MentAccording to one study, over 90% of workers who have a mentor report being happy with their jobs—a much higher satisfaction rate than that of workers who do not have a mentor.

Why is having a mentor so beneficial? Here are five reasons you should start looking for one today.

Valuable Industry Knowledge

Having a mentor is an important way to gain industry knowledge, especially if you’re just getting started in your career field.

Being a newcomer within a workplace or industry means that you may be unfamiliar with technology, terminology, and conventions that your coworkers.

Having a Personal Advocate

When you build a relationship with a mentor, you gain a trusted advocate who will root for you and highlight your accomplishments to others.

It’s especially helpful to have a mentor who is a senior member of your workplace, as they can play a key role in helping you access training, high-profile projects, promotions, and other opportunities within your company.

Networking is Easier

Networking in the modern era can be difficult and intimidating. In the post-COVID world, with more people opting to work and attend events online, it is especially challenging to build the kind of genuine connections that will expand your opportunities in your field.

If you have a mentor who already knows professionals in your industry, they can introduce you directly to the people you need to know.

Future Job Reference

If you leave your current workplace or choose to pursue an additional job on the side, a mentor can serve as a much-needed professional reference.

Besides speaking to your qualities as a worker, a mentor can talk about your ambitions, goals, and drive on a deeper level.

Encouragement & Support

Beyond helping you progress in your career, a mentor can be an important source of support and motivation.

By providing encouragement and keeping you on track with your professional goals, a good mentor can raise your morale when times are hard.

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