Keeping Work Environments Safe By Expanding Automation

Workplace safety should always be top-of-mind. If you don’t have a safe environment, it’s going to hurt your bottom line in a number of ways, from actual costs related to injuries and workers’ compensation to increased turnover and the inability to hire skilled professionals.

In fact, according to reports from OSHA, U.S. companies spend around $170 billion each year on injuries and illnesses from workplace incidents. Simply by improving safety procedures – and training employees on safety protocols – businesses can cut down on these costs by 20-40%.

What’s more is that when it comes to hiring, if you have a reputation for unsafe practices or working conditions, recruiting the best candidates will be tough. This is going to make today’s worker shortage even more difficult for your company. However, when you’re able to tout top safety practices, you’ll have a competitive edge when you have job openings to fill.

So how can you improve safety in the workplace? One way is through automation.

With today’s technology, it’s more affordable and accessible than ever to add it into your business with solutions available for facilities of all types and sizes. By leveraging the power of automation, you’ll reduce human errors and improve productivity, all while giving safety a big boost in your workplace.

Just consider some of these numbers: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there have been 4,585 fatalities in the workplace over the last 30 years. When it comes to robot-related workplace deaths, that number drops to 27.

There are many reasons why automation improves workplace safety, including:

  • Removing workers from dangerous situations and procedures at the operational level.
  • Offering real-time monitoring, so you know immediately when there’s an emergency or a problem.
  • Making it easier for companies to update safety protocols and train employees on them thanks to automation software.

Plus, when you invest in automation and safer working practices, your team will take notice. They’ll be happier and more loyal to your company. At the same time, you can place them in positions that require more specialized skills, while riskier jobs are handled through automation.

To take full advantage of all automation can offer your company, make sure you:

Train your employees on all your safety protocols.

Safety training is your first line of defense against accidents and injuries, and it’s no different when procedures are automated. With constantly changing processes and workflows, regular training is key to keeping your workplace accident-free.

Maintain equipment and follow lockout / tag out procedures if a repair is needed.

Even the most high-tech automated system needs maintenance and repair. It’s therefore important to monitor all your equipment and systems with regular check-ups. This keeps workers safe and helps you maintain efficiencies and productivity.

If there is a repair that’s needed, follow lockout / tagout. These procedures make sure that equipment is fully inoperable until repair work or maintenance is completed. Following lockout / tagout will keep your workers safe from operating hazardous equipment that can injure or even kill them.

Stay up-to-date on laws and compliance.

There are certain state and federal rules you have to follow when it comes to worker safety. Staying on top of these is an important part of your safety efforts, so you’re always in compliance. If there is a change to an existing rule or a new one instituted, make employees aware of it and train them in the new procedures.

With automation, you can keep your workers safer and put them to use in more cognitive roles that require critical thinking. Meanwhile, let the robots handle the manual, repetitive, mundane tasks that can be dangerous and lead to accidents and injuries.

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