4 Signs Your Current Company is Invested in You

Your job plays a huge part in your life. In fact, if you’re employed full-time, then you spend most of your waking hours at work. You, therefore, want to be with a company that values your work and you as a person. How can you tell? Here are four signs that your employer cares about you and invests in its people:

Sign #1: You and your boss have a good relationship.

Does your boss praise and thank you for a job well done? Does he or she meet with you to discuss progress and future career goals? Do they ask for your opinion and thoughts when the company is in the midst of planning? These are all signs of a healthy relationship and a great boss that is invested in you and your career.

Sign #2: Your company recognizes hard work.

When the company is doing well, your company lets you know it with bonuses and other perks, like pay increases, scheduling flexibility, and other tangible benefits. They also have a “promote from within policy” where they give existing employees the first shot at new openings. This means you have a better chance of upward mobility with your employer and can achieve your career goals.

Sign #3: Your company encourages time off.

A good employer recognizes that people need vacations and break time in order to remain productive. If you’re working around the clock and overloaded, without an end in sight, it could be time to move on. However, the best companies want you to stick around, value your personal time, and encourage you to use your benefits and take vacations.

Sign #4: Your company works to develop talent.

Does your employer fund continuing education opportunities? Do they have a mentoring program or offer stretch assignments, so you can gain new skills and expand your horizons? Benefits like these all add up to a company that values their workforce and wants to help employees reach their potential.

If, however, your boss gives you a hard time about taking time off, when you’ve been there for years, it’s a problem. Likewise, if there’s no room for growth and a revolving door on your team, it’s another sign that your employer doesn’t truly value its team. If you’ve been trying to get promoted and meet all the qualifications yet only get run around, it’s yet another red flag that you’re just a cog in the wheel. If this is what you’re experiencing, then your company likely takes you for granted, and it’s time for a change.

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