Where Has All the Talent Gone?

There’s an unprecedented talent shortage, impacting industries across the globe, from healthcare and hospitality to manufacturing and more. In fact, according to reports, 70% of employers globally are reporting obstacles when it comes to hiring in several high-demand areas. These include logistics, manufacturing, IT, sales, and marketing. So, why aren’t more people applying?

For a number of reasons, with the most noteworthy being the pandemic. Anywhere you drive, you’ll see “Now Hiring” signs on many businesses. Yet, there are large groups of people still fearful of returning to work due to COVID-19, whether they’re vulnerable or live with a family member with health issues.

Another related reason is stress and burnout. Certain industries, like healthcare and education, are seeing workers leave in droves due to dissatisfaction with their work environment. Layer on top of that the Baby Boomer exodus and not enough Gen Xers to fill the gap, and it’s a recipe for a worker shortage.

In addition, during the pandemic, many people experienced a change in attitude toward their work and careers. People want jobs where they’re happy to show up each day and are rewarded and valued for their contribution. If companies aren’t investing in employee satisfaction, workers are more likely to move on and wait until a better opportunity – one that enhances their quality of life – comes along.

So, with all that in mind, how can you attract the people you need and hire them for your job openings? Here are a few tips:

Ways You Can Attract Jobs Candidates

Create a strong employer brand.

You should be showcasing your business online, on social media, and by interacting with potential candidates. Make sure you’re going beyond simply advertising your job openings, but also communicating your company’s culture through a blog, news releases, videos, graphics and other content that brings your company to life for candidates.

Think beyond pay and compensation.

While these are always an important consideration for candidates, more and more want a better balance in their lives. They want to be able to set their own schedules, work from home, at least part-time, and have access to continuing education opportunities that help them advance their careers.

Make the application process candidate-centered.

For too long, employers have focused on their needs when hiring. However, when this leaves candidates in the dark or confused about what to expect, it’s not a good experience for them. Instead, make your application process simple and stress-free. Communicate back to everyone who applies, even if it’s an auto-response email. And keep your top pick candidates in the loop during the hiring process.

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