Pre-Interview Jitters? Here Are Some Tips To Get Rid of Them

Even the most confident candidate is nervous before an interview. The question is: how can you overcome these jitters, so you ace the interview process? There are many different steps that can help you breathe a little easier and feel less stressed during even the toughest interview. These include:

How to Get Rid of Those Pre-Interview Jitters

Keeping perspective.

Rather than looking at an interview like a stressful challenge, change your attitude and think about it as an exciting opportunity. It’s your chance to learn about a potential new job and have a conversation with a hiring manager about why you’re a good fit. It also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the company, so you can determine whether it’s the kind of place you want to work.

Preparing ahead of time.

If you’re not well-prepared for your interview, you’ll feel more nervous going into it. So make sure you spend time reviewing the job description, company website, blog and social media profiles, and read any online news article about the company. The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel walking into the interview.

Practicing your answers.

You’ll likely get a lot of the same questions during job interviews. However, your answers might be different depending on the role and the company. You want your responses to be as relevant as possible to the position and the organization, so practice what you’re going to say to some common interview questions.

Getting your attire ready ahead of time.

Don’t scramble the morning of your interview, trying to find something to wear. Make sure you have a business suit that has been dry cleaned and polished shoes to match. Leave them out the night before, as well as copies of your resume, a notepad and pen, breath mints, and any other items you want to bring with you.

Exercising before your interview.

If you’re feeling stressed and you have time, take a brisk walk or a quick run before getting ready for your interview. This will give you a chance to release that nervous energy, so you feel calmer.

Planning to arrive early.

If you build in some extra time to arrive at your interview, you won’t get stressed if traffic or construction slows you down. You’ll still be able to arrive promptly and make a great impression.

Sitting quietly and breathing for a few minutes.

Those few moments before the interview can be the most nerve-wracking. Sit quietly and simply try to focus on clearing your mind. At this point, you’ve already done all the preparation you can. Now is a good time to try to remain calm and cool.

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