Had a Tough Day? 4 Reasons Not to Quit

Like millions of people, you dream about quitting your job. It might be time for a move. However, it might also be due to burnout and lack of inspiration at work. So don’t act on impulse and quit your job. If you do, you can:

  1. Harm your reputation in your industry.
  2. Hurt your career trajectory and the future roles you’re offered, including salary.
  3. Impact your family, if they depend on your income, and their quality of life, especially if you lose benefits.
  4. Still have bad days in a new role at a future employer.

If you’re having a string of tough days at work, it’s no wonder you want to quit. However, instead of getting emotional and reacting in a knee-jerk way, keep these tips in mind:

Reasons You Should Not Quit After a Tough Day

Have coping mechanisms in place.

Everyone has bad days at work. So expect them and plan for them. Rather than walking into your boss’s office and saying “I quit,” create a plan to cope with stress instead.

For instance, maybe there’s a co-worker, friend, or family member you can vent your frustrations to in order to reclaim your calmness. Or maybe you need to take a walk or hit the gym.

Whatever the case, figure out how you cope best and put those tactics to work on those bad days. You won’t make any rash decisions, as a result, and can gain some perspective on the situation before you make a move.

Think about why you want to quit.

If you do truly want to leave your job, think about why. Are you having issues with your boss or colleagues? Are you disillusioned with the work you’re doing? Are you unhappy with compensation and benefits? Before you leave, make sure you clearly understand why you’re not happy. That way, you can talk to your boss about the circumstances and perhaps change them. If not, then at least you know what to look out for in your next job.

Develop a plan.

Don’t quit on the fly. Instead, be thoughtful and intentional in your approach. Create a plan for the kind of job you want, what type of future employer you’re most interested in, the salary you’d like to attain, and any other perks or benefits that are important to you. Also, make a list of actionable steps – such as 1) create a resume, 3) write an elevator pitch, 3) attend networking events twice a week, 4) sharpen your interview skills – you can take to achieve your goals.

Start looking for a new job.

Before you actually quit, dip your toes in the water and see what’s out there. Search for opportunities that are a fit for the kind of job you want and the lifestyle that’s important for you. Plan to spend a certain amount of time each day searching and applying, as well as networking. Rather than making an impulse decision and quitting, follow a plan to navigate your way to your next great role.

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