5 Tell-All Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Considering a Job Change

Changing jobs is a major life transition. It’s not a decision to be handled rashly. So if you’ve been in your position for a while and are questioning whether it’s time for something new, how can you make the right move? Ask yourself these five questions first:

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself When Considering a Job Change?

#1: How do I feel before and after work?

If it’s generally pretty good, then maybe you’re still in the right role. If, however, you dread Monday mornings, hit snooze countless times on workdays, and feel exhausted and demoralized when you leave work, these are big red flags that it’s time for a change. Just make sure it’s not due to a temporary project or assignment you’re working on and is truly a reflection of how you feel about work overall.

#2: What is the work atmosphere like?

Do you get along with your co-workers and actually consider them friends? Do you like and respect your boss? Is your office comfortable and your pay and benefits fair? These all add up to a healthy working atmosphere. If, however, you have a toxic workplace and feel you’re underpaid and undervalued, then it’s time for a change.

#3: Are there opportunities to develop with my current employer?

If you’re unhappy and it’s because you’re bored and under-utilized, then let your boss know you’re ready for a promotion or a change in assignments. Before you have the conversation, be prepared to make the case as to why you’re ready to take on more.

Also, if there are opportunities to gain new skills, sharpen existing ones, cross-train in different departments, or get a mentor at your company, take advantage of these. You might find the perfect new role is within your current place of employment.

#4: Am I contributing in a meaningful way?

Even if you’re great at your job, if you’re not doing what you do best, you might feel stuck and stagnant. Also, if you don’t feel like there’s any real meaning in your work – and you’re useless or redundant – then it’s a good time to jump ship to something different.

#5: Do I know what I want next?

If you’re not sure where you want to take your career, then perhaps now’s the ideal time to begin thinking about it, researching industries, and seeking out opportunities. Don’t make an impulse decision and quit because you’re not happy. Instead, take this opportunity to explore what makes you happy on the job and the reasons you’re not. That way, if you do decide to quit, you can land on your feet in a position that’s a better fit for you.

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