How Do You Make People Feel Good About Their Work

Don’t assume your team knows how much you appreciate and value the work they do. Instead, make sure you are practicing habits that make them feel recognized. This will lead to a happier staff and a stronger company. Not only that, but showing your gratitude will help to:

  • Build more trust among your team. When your people know you value their ideas and input, they’ll feel more vested in you as a leader and in the company overall.
  • Increase productivity. Employees who are valued work harder and want to go the extra mile to deliver. They’re also the employees who are striving to learn more, so they can achieve more.
  • Boost morale. When your employees feel appreciated, they will be happier coming to work each day, leading to higher retention and lower turnover rates.

Making your team feel good about their work is also about creating a healthy culture, one where communication and trust take center stage. It’s also key to connect the dots for them, so they understand why what they do is important.

Why Employee Recognition is a Good Thing and How Do You Do It?

Communicate openly.

Talk to your employees about their jobs and why what they do is vital to company success. People want to feel like they are doing meaningful work – not like just another cog in the wheel. When you explain where they fit into the big picture and how critical their contributions are, they will feel more connected to their job.

Recognize good work.

When an employee does a good job, let them know in a timely manner. Don’t just say “thanks,” though. Get specific about what they did that you appreciated and the impact it had on a department or the company.

Get to know your people.

Getting to know your employees on a more personal level will show them that you care. It will also help you stay on top of any challenges or issues they may be facing and also enable you understand what makes them tick. Over time, you’ll have a better sense of how to motivate them and help them improve, as a result.

Offer opportunities for growth.

Give your employees the chance to gain new skills and get ahead in their careers. Take an interest in each one individually and work to help them achieve their career goals.

Create an internal promotion policy.

When you hire internally and promote from within, you’re sending the message that you value your team members. This leads to more loyalty to your company, improving retention, as a result.

Prioritize flexibility.

Help your employees maintain a good work-life balance by offering flexibility. This shows them you’re a considerate employer and also reduces burnout and stress for them.

Pay them fairly.

If your wages or benefits are sub-par, then employees won’t feel valued. Instead, make sure your base pay, holiday and vacation time, retirement contributions, health insurance and other benefits are competitive – or better.

Celebrate the wins.

Celebrating important achievements not only makes your employees feel good, but keeps them engaged and helps to build a stronger team. So whether you reached a company goal, completed a challenging project, or finished the launch of a new product or service, celebrate the wins and recognize accomplishments.

Broadcast your gratitude.

Make sure you’re including news about employee achievements in your social media posts and company emails, blog posts, and newsletter. Being recognized publicly makes people feel good and also motivates others to work harder to achieve that same recognition.

Build a happier team with professional help.

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