Jobs You Can Get Without a High School Degree

Looking for a job that doesn’t require a high school degree or GED? You’d be surprised at the many options available, especially with today’s labor shortage. For some jobs, you can get up and running immediately. For others, you might need to obtain a certification or license, or go through an apprenticeship.

To help you decide which direction is right for you, here are a few good-paying jobs that don’t require a diploma.

What Jobs Can You Get Without a High School Degree?

Construction worker

The national average salary for a construction worker is $16.32 per hour. The type of work you’ll be doing depends on the company and the project. It can include anything from preparing a construction site, cleaning up after, and removing debris and potential hazards to loading and unloading materials, putting up and taking apart scaffolding, and helping to build structures.

Truck driver

The national average salary in this job is $20.52 per hour. As a truck driver, you’ll be transporting goods from one location to another. Depending on your job, this could mean traveling locally, across the state, or even the country. You do need to hold a commercial license and become certified to be a truck driver.


For welders, the average pay nationally is $17.94 per hour. The job of a welder is to fuse metal components that support bridges, ships, airplanes, buildings, and other infrastructure projects. Oftentimes, you will need to go through a training program and even participate in an apprenticeship program.


For this position, the average pay is $10.24 an hour. In it, you typically work in a manufacturing facility and are responsible for packing up items that need to be shipped out. You’ll need to review the items that go into each order, pack the order and protect the objects from damage, label packages, and prepare them for shipping.


A landscaper earns, on average, $14.08 an hour and is often employed by a municipality, public works department, or a private company to take care of gardening and landscaping needs, from planting to watering, weeding, and other tasks required to ensure a property looks aesthetically keeping.

Restaurant worker

On average, restaurant workers make $13 an hour. Your primary duties in this position include taking care of customers, taking orders, answering menu-related questions, accepting payments, and giving orders to the kitchen staff.

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