What Qualities Are Employers Are Looking for in Employees?

When you want to get hired quickly, you need to make yourself as appealing as possible to potential employers. Part of that involves promoting your technical skills. However, there are also certain character traits that companies look for too. This gives each employer insight into how well you’ll fit into the company’s culture.

What are they and why are they important? Here’s a look at six common traits companies look for.

What Qualities Do Employers Look For?

#1: Being a “people” person.

This doesn’t mean being the most outgoing person in the room. It does, however, mean having strong emotional intelligence and knowing how to get along with others. Companies don’t want to deal with personality conflicts or the toxic situations that can arise when an employee is difficult. Instead, they want employees who collaborate in positive ways to move the company forward.

#2: Persuasive communication skills.

Communicating effectively, both verbally and in writing, is important for any job – it’s also hard to find. Those with strength in these areas are in high demand since most people are usually good at one or the other, not both.

#3: The ability to adapt.

In today’s world, nobody knows what’s around the corner. It’s why companies don’t want employees who are stuck in their ways and have a hard time adjusting when situations change. Rather, they’re on the lookout for those with a track record of flexibility, no matter the circumstances.

#4: A strong initiative.

Employers want employees who take initiative and have the drive to bring projects over the finish line, without a lot of prompting. They also want those who have a history of going above and beyond, doing more than what was actually required of them.

#5: A “can-do” attitude.

Having a positive attitude is valuable to employers for several reasons. Those who look on the bright side tend to influence the rest of the team’s mood, boosting morale. They’re also the people who bring ideas to the table, not criticisms, and are always looking for ways to make things better.

#6: Being a natural problem solver.

Employees want people who go beyond finding problems to actually solving them. This means a level of analytical thinking that not everyone is capable of. If you are, this will help you stand out to employers.

If you are strong in any of these areas, think about specific examples you can give to the hiring manager, whether when you’re crafting your cover letter or during an interview. Being able to bring these qualities to life through specific examples and stories will make you more memorable, so you get the offer.

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