How to Lose Your Top Employees in 10 Days

It’s a job candidate’s market with a wide range of openings and employers desperate for quality talent. As a result, if your people aren’t happy working for you, they will look elsewhere and quickly find a position that better fits their needs. How can you avoid the “Great Resignation” at your company and retain your top employees? Start by avoiding these 6 common mistakes.

The Unfortunate Way to Lose Your Top Employees

#1: No rewards or recognition

When an employee has been loyal, achieved important milestones, and offered consistent results, time and again, it’s critical to thank them and reward them for their efforts. Otherwise, you’ll hurt morale and give turnover a big boost. So create a culture of recognition and rewards – such as extra vacation days or bonuses – where you are routinely showing appreciation to your staff, so they feel valued.

#2: A lack of transparency

If you say one thing and do another, or don’t keep people in the loop, your team members will lose trust in you. This lack of transparency can also cause the rumor mill to start generating half-truths with people getting nervous about job security. They’ll begin looking for positions elsewhere, as a result, leaving your company for greener pastures.

#3: No training or development opportunities

The best employees want to gain new skills and grow in their abilities. If you don’t offer the chance to do that, they will look elsewhere for employers who invest in their people. Whether it’s through paying for continuing education, creating a mentoring program, hosting brown bag lunches with educational speakers, or something else, offering development opportunities to your employees is key to keeping them happy.

#4: Ignoring feedback from employees

When employees come to you with concerns or challenges – and you ignore them – you are basically saying their opinion doesn’t matter, thereby invalidating it. This is a fast path to losing people who want to make a difference. Instead, make sure you’re giving your employees a platform to voice their opinions and take them seriously. They are on the front lines, working with customers and colleagues each day, and may be able to offer some critical insight that helps you avoid a major problem.

#5: Not offering feedback to employees

Besides taking to heart the feedback employees give you, it’s also important to provide your own feedback to them. Don’t just offer a year-end performance evaluation. Instead, make sure you’re regularly checking in with them, talking about goals, progress, questions, and concerns. This will show you care about their career and help them stay on track in terms of performance.

#6: Being a helicopter boss

Employees want some freedom to make their own decisions and perform their jobs in the way they believe best. If, however, you’re constantly micro-managing them, it makes them feel like you don’t trust them. This can lead to a big drop in morale and more turnover. Instead, make expectations and goals clear, then let your employees get to work in their own way, checking in occasionally, not constantly.

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