Virtual Interview? Still “Arrive” Early

In today’s world, a virtual interview, rather than an in-person one, is common. It’s far more efficient for both the hiring manager and the candidate. For instance, as a candidate, you can skip the commute into the potential employer’s office. Meanwhile, the hiring manager can screen you quickly to decide whether to move you ahead in the hiring process.

However, if you haven’t had a virtual interview before and aren’t sure how to approach it, what are some tips for acing it? Here’s a look.

Arrive Early For Virtual Interviews

Install the software and deal with any issues ahead of time

First and foremost, check the technology you’ll be using well before the interview date. Whether it’s Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or another type of virtual meeting software, make sure you have it downloaded to your computer or mobile device and that the camera and speakers are working for you.

Create a professional environment without distractions

Figure out ahead of time where you are going to sit for the meeting. You want a professional background and a setting that doesn’t have a lot of visual or audio distractions. At the same time, consider lighting. It needs to be bright enough so the hiring manager can clearly see you without any shadows or glares being cast on your glasses from a nearby lamp.

Plug in with an Ethernet cable instead of relying on sometimes-spotty Wi-fi

Wi-fi can sometimes be spotty, which can end up interrupting and sabotaging your virtual interview. It’s why it’s a good idea to plug in with an Ethernet cable for a wired connection instead. Since video conferencing software takes up so much bandwidth, this ensures you won’t deal with lagging audio or video cutting out.

Log in early to make sure you’re ready to go

Even if your interview is scheduled at 10 am, log in at 9:45 am, just in case there’s an issue. This will give you some time to troubleshoot and once again, check your speakers and your camera to ensure everything is working. Keep the video off and the speakers on mute until the meeting actually begins. Then you can breathe easily that you are logged in and ready to go once the interviewer arrives.

Finally, treat it like a traditional interview

Just like a traditional job interview, make sure you prepare ahead of time, too, researching the company, developing your own list of questions, and rehearsing your answers to common questions. Also, dress the part, wearing professional attire, from top to bottom, just in case you stand up.

Keep in mind too a virtual meeting is different than an interview in person, so listen carefully. If there’s a small lag, you don’t want to cut the interviewer off. In addition, be mindful of your body language. Don’t slouch or twirl your hair. Instead, sit up straight without fidgeting.

Ready For Your Virtual Interview?

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