How Can You Make Onboarding Employees Easier?

Onboarding is key to company success. Even the smartest new hire is going to have a hard time adjusting if they are not properly onboarded. The question is, how do you onboard them in a way that is effective and efficient? Here are some tips to help make the process easier.

Follow These Steps to Onboard New Employees Easier

Email them before their first day.

Make sure you welcome them to the team and let them know when to arrive, what the dress code is, and where to report on their first day. If there is anything they need to bring with them, such as a driver’s license or Social Security card, give them a heads up. If there are any onboarding documents they can complete online, before their start date, give them access to these. Also, send an agenda that outlines their first-week schedule, including training sessions, team meetings, and any other events.

Give new hires a big welcome.

Be on-site, ready to greet your new employee when they arrive on the first day. Show them their workspace or office, take them around to introduce them to other team members and company leaders, and invite them out to lunch. Also, create a welcome basket with a company directory, coffee mug, gift card to a local restaurant, company pens and apparel, and any other items that will set a positive tone from the start.

Set clear expectations.

Make sure you meet with your new employee and discuss your expectations for the role. Talk about goals and timelines, as well as when you will be checking in on progress. Focus on SMART when it comes to setting goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Get them up to speed.

Give them a heads up on any challenges they might face and insight into what it’s like to work with other departments or vendors, so there aren’t any major surprises. You can even create a chart that shows them the organization and hierarchy of the company and the departments within. The more they know, the more confident they will feel.

Pair them with a mentor or buddy.

This is the person they can turn to for answers to questions related to the job and the company. This person might also handle some of the training aspects of the onboarding process. Just make sure the employee you pair your new hire with is friendly, patient, and knowledgable.

Follow up on a regular basis.

Make sure you are checking in with your new hire regularly. Ask them about any questions, challenges, or concerns they have. Let them know your door is always open. Discuss what’s ahead and future projects they will be working on. Keep the conversation going and open, so you are helping them acclimate quickly.

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